Thursday, April 12, 2012

On The Run

Studying the book of Jonah has made me really think about if I am running or what or who am I running from. Jonah didn't like where God was sending him so he chose to charter the first ship and sail 2000 miles away from where God wanted him to go. This is a bit extreme, I would never do that, but is my running really that different? The bottom line is obedience.

Maybe I am not physically running away from God, but have I checked out mentally and/or spiritually? I seem to be an inside runner, but the problem is that what is on the inside will eventually show up on the outside.

One of the other things that came to me is the fact that Jonah was running away. He could have stayed in Israel and just chose to not obey, but instead he wanted to get as far away from where God's presence was as  possible. Is this why we choose to stop going to church? For me I tend to run away by not praying. Sometimes it just seems easier to not have to admit that you were disobedient or maybe I am too ashamed that I act the way I do when He gives me so much.

Are you running? If so, face God with your disobedience and repent. This won't "fix" the problem or remove the consequences, but it will restore your relationship with God!

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