Thursday, May 5, 2011

It Doesn't Take Much

I never thought that my presence would be so embarrassing. On Wednesday night I was asked to volunteer for an hour at Middle School Ministry selling t-shirts. When we pulled up at the church V asked me to please give her a few minutes to get in the building before I left the car. Then I went into the building and sat at the table. V and her friends would peek at me from around the corner, but not make eye contact with me. It really was quiet humorous. Afterwards I went to the church to pick her up. I sat in the car for 10 minutes without her coming to the car. So Maddie and I proceeded to walk through the crowd of around 200 kids looking for V. Once we made eye contact she waved me on. She actually walked on the other side of the driveway away from me. Her youth pastor yelled across the way at her -"V, your mom is cool. Go walk with her." Once we got to the car she rolled her eyes and told me how much I embarrassed her by being this "lady with a dog walking around."

On our way home I explained to her that I am not above wearing fuzzy slippers, rollers, dress up my dog in clothes, holler out her name loudly while picking me nose, or so many other embarrassing things. I told her that she really needs to not push the you embarrass me card.

I asked her why I embarrassed her - I said "Don't I dress okay? Is my hair okay? Is my makeup okay? Do I act like a geek?" She said "you don't embarrass me, just that you are my mom"

I just cracked up. I remember some of that, but I just didn't realize how silly it really was.

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