Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beth Moore Live

Beth Moore Live in Lexington, KY was an incredible weekend. God has gifted Beth with the ability to teach in such a way that you get it! I was lucky to get to go with my Aunt Debbie. We have not spent any one on one time in more years than I even want to count. We left on Friday afternoon and I talked continuously on the 3 hour ride to Lexington! I am sure that her ears were tired. We made it just in time to check in to the hotel with about 50 other women waiting to check in and then we changed clothes and headed to the conference center.

We immediately found good parking and grabbed our Bibles and headed to get seats. The closer we got to the center the longer the line was against the building for all 11,000 women waiting to get in and get a good seat. I am guessing that we were a couple of blocks down the line of people. We were standing on concrete with a concrete building to our left. The sun was blazing against this side of the building. It is August, so it is hot, but we have been in a heat wave and the feels like temperature --- wait for it ----- 108 degrees. We were hot to say the least. Debbie immediately needs to find a rubber band to put her hair up. We pray that God will make one be in her purse. That didn't work as well as we hoped. I began to look for people with long hair. The lady in front of us had long hair, I asked if by chance she had an extra rubberband. She said that she didn't and then she looked down upon her wrist and there was a hair band that she had forgotten about. She gladly gave it to Debbie. We ended up waiting about 30 minutes before entering the building, but we made it.

We had a wonderful weekend of worship, learning and visiting.

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