Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Resolutions

Every year many of us make resolutions, most tend to be..lose weight, start exercising, go to church regularly, be more organized, read my bible daily, be a better wife/mother/friend and so on. It seems that most are to add better things to your life. Which is great and much needed, but I am sure that if you are anything like me resolutions are forgotten or broken before January is even over. Most of my resolutions are grandiose.

A few years ago I begin looking at things differently. Instead of making resolutions to add something, I decided to try to drop something. What is one thing I can stop doing that would make my life better?

One of my friends committed to not eat in her car. What this one thing did was make her no longer stop for junk food runs any longer. She ended up losing weight in the process of saving money, eating healthier and having a clean car.

I have committed that I won't read before doing my Bible readings or study. That way if I get tired I don't neglect God.

What is one thing you could stop doing that would make life better? Take time today to figure out what you can stop doing.

Happy New Year!

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