Sunday, September 1, 2013

Random Thoughts

  • There is nothing better than a long weekend. I love sleeping in late and lazily drinking my coffee and gradually beginning my day. I have tried getting up every morning at 5:30 so I can begin my day slowly, but it really doesn't matter what time I get up during the week, I am still in a hurry.

  • Why, oh why, does it take a teenage girl so long to get ready.

  • Why does it seem that I am never in the mood to wear what I picked out the night before?

  • Why does my hair always needs major help in the mornings.

  • Why is it teenagers want to stay out and up so late? Don't they know their parents can't keep their eyes open past 10:00?

  • Why does the dog always bark at the most suspenseful moment of a movie or TV show?

  • Why does nail polish have to stink so bad?

  • Why are 4 year old boys so wild?

  • Why can I stay up late on weekdays, but can't keep my eyes open past 9 on most Fridays?

  • Recently I ordered a new Bible and for the first time in 8 years something was taken off of my porch. Yep, the Bible was stolen. I hope they read it.

  • Why does your Kindle or phone die right in the best part of the book you are reading?

  • Why is it that the more you don't want to do something after work, the more fun you will have when you get there?

  • Why can I read a fiction book in a few hours, but a non fiction book takes me weeks?

  • So thankful that I married a man with a terrific sense of humor. Yes, sometimes he makes me crazy, but I love that we can lay in bed and laugh until we can't breathe over nothing.

  • I still have nightmares about having to go back to high school.

  • God has blessed me with some incredible Christian women who keep me accountable and mentor me.

I guess that is about enough of my random thoughts. Maybe my brain will be more put together so I can write something worth reading soon.


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