Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One of my Favorite Week's of the Year

I have worked in a church for the past 13+ years and this is one of my most favorite weeks of the year - Vacation Bible School!!! I am just as excited as the kids to come in on Monday morning and see how the church has been transformed. This year our decorations are fish, crabs, fish nets, swimming pools, sand, scuba gear, sharks, jelly fish, floats and more. As always the volunteers have done a fabulous job.

My office is on the main hallway of the church. This allows for me to watch 383 children walk back and forth through the hallways. There are over 140 adult and youth volunteers working with all of these children. It makes my heart swell to see all of these children holding hands with each other and their youth leaders. As I sit at my desk I can hear them coming, the noise slowly begins to increase the closer they get and then it explodes outside of my open door. What do I hear? The slapping of flip flops, the giggles of boys and girls, the conversations (mostly questions) as these children and leaders begin creating a relationship, marching feet, loud happy voices, some groups even sing, but what I hear most is the abundance of love being shown among everyone.
I know that Vacation Bible School must also be one of our Heavenly Father’s favorite events each year at churches around the world. It is amazing to me how many families who don’t attend church or have any desire to attend church bring their kids to VBS. I am confident that God has used VBS throughout the years to plant seeds in the lives of many children. Not only are these children blessed and their lives changed forever, but the many leaders and volunteers are also blessed and changed forever. I am so thankful for the many years that I attended as a child and the many volunteers who helped make it happen every year. Some of my happiest memories are of VBS.

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