Saturday, September 4, 2010

First UT Football Game

V and Douglas had a great time at the game. They both were so thankful that daddy got them tickets. September 4, 2010 was the perfect day for a ballgame.

Saturday morning we got up and set the hammock up on the deck. It couldn't have been a better day for laying in a hammock if we had made a wish with a Genie. Douglas and I spent time on the deck talking and listening to music for a few hours then we ran some errands. We ran to Turkey Creek Target and you could see and feel the excitement in the air. Knoxvillians were spending their hard earned money on food for the parties and apparel to wear to the game. After Target we ventured to the Alumni Store in Turkey Creek. I laughed at the thought that our economy is suffering. Let me tell you, retailers in Knoxville know nothing of this if yesterday was any indication. The Alumni Store was packed. I literally waited behind eight people to pick out a t-shirt. Check out the t-shirt that V is wearing. That is one of the shirts I picked up there. When we got in one of the two lines to purchase our shirts there was 6 people in front of us. I am sure that the retailers in Knoxville are praying with all of their hearts that UT has a great season. Anyway, the excitement was shared with everyone that you would meet. There truly is nothing like game day in Knoxville, TN.

V didn't want to go with us, so we left her at home. As you know, it takes her 2-3 hours to completely get ready for an event. She had to bathe, fix her hair, makeup (orange eye shadow), nails, pick out the perfect outfit and change the shoestrings in her tennis shoes to orange. She ALWAYS makes us late. It is driving me crazy!!!!

The walked in the gate 15 minutes before the game started and both of them couldn't wait to see all the improvements made in the stadium and to watch Dooley's first game as head coach of UT.
Being the nice person that I am!!!! I drop them off and then go home or whatever until they call me to pick them up. When I got home last night I watched a movie and then went back to get them. I am so amazed how quiet my house is when nobody but me and the dog are home.

Oh well, they had a great time and took tons of pictures. As you see I have included a few for you to see. If you want any of the pictures, let me know, they are uploaded on the Walgreens site.

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