Friday, November 12, 2010

She Loved the Phone

Last night D and I decided that we would put the new cell phone in her purse and then call it. Of course D wanted to try and put a special ringtone on the phone before we gave it to her, which complicated things a bit. V went upstairs to take her bath so D and I went into the bathroom downstairs and tried to set the phone up. Of course she comes downstairs and knocks on the bathroom door. "Where is dad?" - I told her to go away, I was in the bathroom. So apparently she goes through the entire house looking for him. We were in the bathroom for about 5 more minutes. When I open the door, she is sitting in the middle of the kitchen with the dog. She gives me the evil eye, then gets up and goes to the bathroom to look for her dad. He is hiding behind the door with the lights out. She finds him and then stomps into the living room, looks at me and says - "Ooooh". I couldn't stop laughing! Anyway, I had slipped her phone in her purse and D called it. She was THRILLED! She grabbed the phone and said, "What is this? Is this mine?" Then screamed and danced around the room. Just a side note, look at the picture closely --- do you see dukily?

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