Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Happy Tuesday

This weather is incredible! I love that it is cold in the evenings, but comfortable during the day. D has been sick with the stomach bug all day Monday and Tuesday. He is finally feeling a little better. It is very unlike him to miss work, but he has missed two days so far this week and has done NOTHING, but sleep.

V and I have had some awesome quaility time while he has been asleep. Last night we dyed her hair brown and got all of the blonde out of it. She hates to have blonde streaks in her hair once summer is over. I really don't understand her! Most people would pay big bucks to have golden streaks in their hair. Her hair is a little darker than I would like for it to be, but it looks good. I have to laugh a little because V knows me way too well. After we finished with her hair she was laying on me and I was messing with her hair. She said, "Mom, please play with my hair." I was messing with her hair, but once your child has had lice you inspect whenever you get a chance. V said to me, "Mom, I asked you to please play with my hair, not inspect it for lice." Ooops, how sad that she knows me that well.

Another funny, she had a friend spend the night and they were "playing" with each others band instruments. Her friend plays the clairinet. I looked at V and she said, "Mom, don't worry, I am not using her normal reed. This is a new one so I won't spread germs." Oh boy. she just knows me too well.

Monday at school they had Roland Smith, children's author, come and speak with them. They are reading one of his books right now and loving it. They also had a project due last Friday and V had a lot of fun with it. They had to pick their favorite character from the book and make a model of him and answer some questions. She did really well. When it comes back home, I will post some pictures.

There truly isn't much good on tv anymore! We have been watching old movies on Netflix. Tonight we are watching Abbott and Costello and the mummy. She is laughing outloud. Very funny and CLEAN!

This week is super busy at work! We have had a consultant in all week and we have a financial campaign going on. Lots of work, but I am so thankful for a job!!!!! This week someone I know was trying to get help. He lost his job 3 months ago and they have 4 kids. They need $2,500 or they will lose their cars and their rental home. This has really hit home with me and made me so thankful!

Hope you all have a great week! I will touch base soon.

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