Sunday, September 26, 2010


Where has this year gone? I just can't believe that this week is the end of September. V seems to be really enjoying school. She had her first new friend spend the night on Friday and they seemed to have a great time. I was amazed at how quiet they were for the most part. Her friend is in 4 classes with her and seems to be a very nice girl. My mind always goes to the next logical step, V will want to spend the night with her. I really struggle with this. Okay, so now I am going to talk about something that is a little sticky. Our problem is that the majority of children come from a divorced home. The kids either live with their mom or their dad. Where I struggle is that I find one of the parents either lives with a boyfriend/girlfriend or allows them to sleep over. I just have a problem with this when it involves my daughter. Then on the other hand I struggle with letting her sleep over at the dads house. How well can you know anyone?

I know that I can't live in fear! I watch people close to me who constantly assume the worst in most situations and it drives me crazy. How can you live like that? I want V to be able to experience life and have fun, but I want to protect her from the bad things in life.  Then I think, Can you really protect your kids from bad things in life?

In a discussion recently the pastor was talking about shielding your kids from inappropriate things on the Internet. Parents immediate thought is to get an Internet filter that won't allow their kids to see anything bad. What was recommended to us was Covenant Eyes - this is a program that you must log in to before going on the net. Then it will send an email to your accountability partner to let you know what sites you went to and what the sites were rated.

The thought was that once the kids are out of your house, if they haven't had the opportunity to go to sites and then have parents sit down and talk with them about why this was inappropriate then when they leave your house, they will go wild. We have all seen this in other situations with over protective parents. I can't tell you how many friends I had that went crazy in college! Once they experienced a little freedom they went bonkers. Don't get me wrong, they are not encouraging our kids to see stuff they shouldn't, what they are doing is giving the kids a net to fall into. I think it makes a lot of sense.

Enough on that - so V tells me yesterday morning that she forgot about some homework that she was supposed to turn in on Friday, so we have this project to work on. Then I realize that she has another BIG project due on the 1st. So Sunday we will be doing homework. Have I mentioned lately how much I HATE school. I just really didn't realize that once I had a child I would be going back through school. I hate to admit that I understand why some parents just let their kids do whatever when it comes to homework. It really does suck to have to do homework, again for crying out loud, I have already served my time.

D wrote a script for a skit at church this weekend. We saw it last night and it really turned out great. If I can get a hold of it I will post it here.

I am looking forward to a fall like feel in the air this week. Here is hoping for a great week. If you think about it lift me up in your prayers. This week is going to be VERY stressful at work and the next 4 weeks are going to be crazy busy.

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