Friday, September 17, 2010

The End of the Week

TGIF - there is nothing better than a Friday with a beautiful Saturday in my future. I couldn't wait to pick V up at the bus stop and begin my weekend. Well, my bubble was burst at exactly 3:46 p.m. when I walked down to pick her up. She was completely hacked that I made her walk up our hill with her 50 lb backpack. She completely cracks me up! I met her almost at the bottom of the hill to walk with her, but she was so mad that she couldn't speak. Then I made her even madder when I told her that we were going to Red Lobster with some friends. We normally go to Gondolier, but not tonight. She really could barely speak to me she was so mad.

On the way to Grammies we had a nice discussion about the way she has been treating me. WOW, no one can prepare you for the changes your child goes through. At a middle school event at church they talked about how an alien would be moving into our homes and not to be surprised. Well, I think the alien has landed. I no longer can predict how she will react or act in any given situation. Pretty much if I go with the opposite of what I think she would, then I will hit the jackpot most times.

Life sure can get complicated! I don't guess any of us can ever be fully prepared for the changes that come into our lives at different stages. I know that I feel completely unprepared!

We went out to dinner tonight with some new friends from our small group. We had a blast.  This past year has been an emotional roller coaster with friends. I am so thankful that God is putting new friendships in our lives. I really didn't realize how much better life is when you can share it with friends.

Have a great weekend!

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